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ADH Founder, Maureen “Mo” Maurer, has written a book and we are thrilled to announce it's launch!

In Wonder Dogs, Mo shares her story of being given a second chance at life and taking a leap of faith to follow her childhood dream of training dogs to help people. The book includes triumphant stories of her beloved dogs and their inspiring partners as they overcome incredible challenges to live life to the fullest.

Dog lovers everywhere will enjoy this fascinating, behind the scenes look at what goes into selecting and training Assistance Dogs. Anyone who loves stories about second chances and overcoming challenges will find in Wonder Dogs a whole pack of kindred spirits.

Meet some of the teams featured in the book: Brian and Zeus, Rich and Emma, and Wendi and Tucker.

Find out more at 


Wonder Dogs is also available  at Baker Book House and Christianbook.


Have you ever met someone who was lovely and unassuming and then you discovered her life was a treasure chest brimming with rare gems? That’s how it was when I met Mo. Her life overflows with incredible God stories that will tug at your heart. This book is a beautiful collection of tales of some of the special dogs who have changed lives with their extraordinary abilities. More than that, it’s a generous glimpse into the life of a woman who demonstrates what can happen when you agree to put your whole heart into doing what God created you to do. This book is wonderful.

Robin Jones Gunn, best-selling, award winning
author of the Christy Miller Series

The title of this warm and wonderful book should be ‘Wonder Dogs and Wonder Woman’. For Maureen Maurer is every bit as extraordinary as the dogs she loves and trains.

Michael Gartner, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Former president of NBC News

Wonder Dogs will win your heart over! This book gave me a fresh perspective on hardships and how even the most terrible circumstances can be redeemed and turned into joy. Maureen truly has such a gift of training dogs, but also of helping and comforting those that have suffered great loss, and giving them hope again. This book will do just that for you- give you hope again, in whatever you may be walking through right now.

Alyssa Bethke, bestselling author

Maureen Maurer’s big heart shines from every page of Wonder Dogs. The stories will lift your spirits and make you grateful for the great good the dogs are doing for their people—and the world. Prepare to be delighted! You don’t often find a book so full of hope.

Kristin von Kreisler, bestselling author

Wonder Dogs is filled with great stories and shows what a difference one person can make in so
many lives. This book radiates love on so many levels.

Kim Komando, National Talk Host, Sirius XM, Fox News and USA Today

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